• What are Secured Loans?


    Secured loans are one of the most popular personal loans options available today. Their popularity is based on the fact that interest rates are usually lower than other types of loan, and repayments are available over longer time periods.

    A secured loan provides a means to raise a cash lump sum using some form of collateral on which the loan is secured. The collateral acts as security for repayment of the loan in the event that you are unable to meet your loan repayment commitments.

    A secured loan is a loan where you pledge your home against the amount of money borrowed. In the event that you default on the personal loan, the lender can sell your home to recoup the loss.

    A secured loan is a type of loan available to people with securable assets. Usually these assets take the form of property, such as a home; this is why secured loans are often referred to as 'homeowner loans'.

    You do not have to own your own home outright to be able to take out a secured loan; if you have a mortgage you can put the proportion of the home that you own up as security.

    Secured loans require some type of security to be provided to the lender. This security can be a home or other high valued possession. These items are provided to the lender as security or collateral in case the person who is taking out the secured loans does not repay the funds.

    Secured loans are quick to arrange as property is always a good form of security for the lender. Consequently, the terms are normally better, with larger loan amounts, longer repayment periods and better interest rates than those you would obtain for an unsecured loan.

    For people with little or poor credit history, a secured loan is probably one of the easiest ways to access credit.

    Secured loans can be used for a variety of reasons including: home improvements, debt consolidation, mortgage arrears new car or luxury holiday.

    The main benefit of a secured loan is that, typically, they offer a cheaper interest rate than unsecured loans. Getting approval for a secured loan is also a lot easier than for an unsecured loan.

    If you are looking to borrow over a longer period of time and have assets available to place as security, a secured loan might be your best option to finance a large purchase, or to refinance existing debt.

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