• To Find The Right Loan You Must First Find The Right Lender


    We have found internet shoppers to be the savviest in the mortgage market. Frequently they have submitted their mortgage loan information. After mortgage inquires for mortgage quotes are made by the consumer on the internet the information is then referred to a loan officer who will call them and help them find the right loan for their situation. By doing this internet shoppers gain a competitive edge in that the market is competing for their business. This can be good and this can also be bad.

    Education and Experience

    Ethics And Disclosure

    Finding someone you can trust, we believe, is the single most important part of choosing a lender. We believe this because this is what consumers say over and over again. However it is very hard to gain insight as to who you can trust. A mortgage is not something most people shop for frequently so knowing how to gauge a mortgage loan officer and a mortgage company can be tricky. We believe disclosing mortgage terms in writing quickly and sticking to those terms is the best way for a consumer to place trust and retain trust in a mortgage lender. For this reason QuoteInWriting has available to you on our website the federal disclosures that a mortgage lender is required to give a consumer. We also have resources and information for you so you are quickly able to understand the disclosures given to you so you are able to compare mortgage quotes presented to you.

    A Second Opinion

    This is something we say very carefully. If you have doubt, get a second opinion. Speak with friends and family but keep in mind everyone has a different situation and it is next to impossible that anyone's situation mirrors yours. For this reason we suggest when you talk with friends and family you focus on things like reputation of a lender and the service they provide, not the specific rate and costs of the loan. Sometimes a second opinion from another lender is a good idea also. Be upfront; tell them you are looking for a second opinion. We strongly believe a consumer should not relay the details of their existing offer as the lender who is giving you a second opinion may just extend to you an offer that beats your first offer but is not the best terms you qualify for. Think about this, if you were selling a car and you were approach by someone who stated they could buy the same car for a certain price, would you not be tempted to name a price just lower than the price of the other car? If the person however said they could buy the same car somewhere else and did not tell you the price of the other car would you not give them a competitive price? Remember mortgage loans are a product like anything else.

    Michelle Hiller
    Experienced Seasoned Loan Expert


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