• Applying For a Student Loan


    Studying at college can be an expensive business and you are likely to
    be considering taking out a Student Loan to help you meet all our costs.
    Before you make a decision on which of the thousands of Student Loans
    that are available is right for you it is important to weigh up all your

    It is important that you apply for all possible Government Financial Aid.
    Your school's financial aid office can supply you with the forms and all
    deadlines for federal and state applications. The Free Application for
    Federal Student Aid (FAFSA form) is the only form you must file with the
    Federal Government.

    You will receive your Student Aid Report (SAR) around four-six weeks
    after completing your FAFSA. It will provide you with details on your
    federal and state aid eligibility and give you your Expected Family
    Contribution (EFC). Financial Aid offices will use the information contained
    in the SAR to determine your total aid package, including loan eligibility
    and federal work study qualification. You can then use this information to
    help determine how much you need to borrow with a Student Loan.

    Many Student Loans dont require you to start repayments until you have been working for six months after graduation. This gives you a chance to start earning some money before your monthly committments start regarding your loan.


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