• Compare Payday Loan or Cash Advance Lenders Online Before You Borrow


    Comparing payday loan lenders, also called cash advance lenders, online guarantees that you will find the lowest rates and best terms. Payday lenders are required by law to post their rates and terms, so making comparisons is just a matter of a few clicks of the mouse.

    Look At Rates

    The first point to compare amongst payday loan lenders is interest rates. While payday loans are short-term loans, usually only lasting two weeks, the Truth In Lending laws require payday loans and cash advance loans to be posted by APR. You can find this information on payday loan lenders' websites under categories like APR Disclosure, FAQ, or Loan Information. You can also email the lender requesting the current APR.

    Ask About Fees

    Compare Terms

    Ideally you will pay back your cash advance on your next payday, but financial emergencies happen. You can be prepared for this by researching the terms of repayment of the different payday loan lenders. Most lenders allow you to make a minimum payment of just that period's interest charges, but it is best to have it in writing. Also, research the fees you will accrue with delayed payments.

    Find Customer Service

    Make sure that you can contact a customer service representative through email, phone, or fax. While you probably won't need any help with the application process, you do want to be able to contact the payday loan lender if you want to change your repayment plan or ask a question.

    Expect An Easy Application Process

    With today's technology, you should expect a quick payday loan application process. Applications should be processed over the Internet within minutes with no fax needed. The only information required is your personal contact information and employment history. There is no credit check for a payday loan. You can also expect to have your cash advance deposited in your checking account the next day.


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